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If you thought your internet connection was fast, wait til you compare it with the rest of the world to see where you stand. The folks over at Pando Networks, a digital game delivery company, recently performed a study about the speed and reliability of internet connections around the globe to see which country is on top when it comes to downloading games. Out of the 224 countries that were monitored from January through June 2011 (27 million downloads by 20 million computers), South Korea is the country with the fastest download speeds.

Based on the study, the average worldwide download speed is 580KB/s, and South Korea takes the top spot with an average speed of 2,202KB/s. Coming in at second and third place is – Romania (1,909KB/s) and Bulgaria (1,611KB/s). Eastern European nations dominated most of the list, taking up fourth, fifth and eighth place as well. As for the US, we’re at 26th place with an average download speed of 616KB/s.

However, when broken down into cities, the top six belong to South Korea, while Andover, Massachusetts came in at 7th place with a download speed of 2,801KB/s. I guess you know where to move to now if you’re interested in having fast internet. While average download speeds varied according to ISPs, it seems that Verizon Internet Services provides the fastest service with an average of 1,056KB/s due to its widespread FIOS.

What kind of speeds do you get on average when you’re downloading files? Is it below or above the nation average of 616KB/s? Whatever it is, take comfort that you don’t have an internet connection from Algiers, Algeria – it was the slowest city measured in the study, and it hit an average speed of 56KB/s. Ouch.

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