Mozilla Firefox logoSome of you might be asking yourselves, “Is there a new version of Firefox already?” Well, yes there is! For those of you groaning about having to perform another update – well I think you can skip this post. But for those of you looking forward to getting the latest version of Firefox but aren’t daring enough to join the beta channels we’ve got some good news for you.

Even though it’s scheduled to be released this Tuesday, Firefox 6 is available for download now. Thanks to the folks at Maximum PC who managed to dig up the links for the update, you can now enjoy it two days earlier than everybody else. Here’s what you’ll enjoy with the Firefox 6 update: more control over permissions, faster startup times, faster performance on Linux, better plug-in management, increased support for HTML5, and a whole lot more. Hit the break for the download links.

Download Firefox 6 direct from Mozilla’s repositories:

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