iphone theftFor those who don’t backup their phone regularly and save important things, such as photos, contacts, and sensitive information to somewhere like a cloud server, then losing your phone or tablet really must suck, but would the sting of having your iPhone stolen from you be lessened if the thief gave you back your contacts, but not the phone? We’re not sure how we would feel, but in China, a victim by the name of Zou Bin had his iPhone stolen from him when he split a cab with the robber. Once he discovered his phone had been stolen, he texted the robber (presumably with another phone) to ask for it back, and unsurprisingly that did not happen. What actually happened was that a few days later, a package arrived for him and in it contained his SIM card, along with an 11-page document which was basically his entire contact list written out by the robber completely by hand! Definitely not what he was expecting, but then again we suppose it wasn’t a complete loss, right?

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