If there’s one feature that the iPhone lacks compared to the likes of some Android and Windows Phone devices is wireless charging. Granted at the moment wireless charging is not as useful as one might think, namely because you’d still need to place your device on top of the base charger, we guess there are still some out there who love it and have their uses for it. Well the good news is that while wireless charging may or may not come to iPhones in the future, the iQi wireless charger for the iPhone is an accessory worth taking a look at.

As you can see in the video above, what makes the iQi so unique is that half of the wireless charging component is apparently thin enough to the point where it will slip inside your existing iPhone case no problem. If you don’t use an iPhone case then we guess you’d be out of luck, but if you already have a case you love and don’t want to switch it out, the iQi boasts a thinness that should fit in just fine. The iQi will be paired with a transmitter on which you place your iPhone on top of to begin the charging process. As it stands, the iQi is an Indiegogo project seeking funding where a pledge of $65 will nab you both the charger and the transmitter.

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