Samsung’s new marketing initiative is underway, and the company has tapped two of the most popular brands that it could bring together: extraterrestrial beings and Lionel Messi. For those who don’t know him, Messi is one of the biggest stars of the Argentine football team as well as FC Barcelona. He’s been selected to captain the “Galaxy 11” in a final football match for the survival of the earth, which is under threat from aliens.

A tweet from an account related to the campaign claims that aliens have “threatened” earth and that Messi has been selected as the Galaxy 11 captain to defend us. Exactly how he’ll go about it remains to be seen, but we can expect a lot of Samsung devices to help him out in the process. The website for the campaign is up and running, though it is yet to list the names of the remaining players that make up the Galaxy 11. Franz Beckenbauer, German football coach, is also a part of this campaign. It will become clear what direction Samsung takes with this in the days to come, as the campaign progresses. For now, find solace in the fact that one of the best footballers in the world is on our side.

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