Free Xbox One GiftsWith the Microsoft Xbox One being the company’s upcoming latest video game console, you would think that Microsoft would try to garner as much sales as possible and perhaps wait a while before they start handing out freebies, right? Well perhaps not. In what looks like a pretty good PR strategy, it seems that Microsoft has recently begun to hand out free Xbox One units, games, music, and a 12-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold to a select few Xbox gamers. The type of giveaway will depend on the gamer’s status, for example Microsoft’s MVPs have reported receiving codes that will entitle them to a free console, while regular Xbox gamers will receive free DLCs, such as a full roster of Killer Instinct characters, just to name some of the giveaways.

According to Microsoft’s official Xbox Twitter account, the giveaway is based on factors such as, “Gamerscore, LIVE tenure, & other factors in markets where #XboxOne is available.” This was in response to one Twitter user who thought it was a bit odd that many 10 year Xbox veterans were not subject to these freebies, as you would think that Microsoft would be eager to reward its most loyal gamers. In any case it’s still a pretty awesome move by Microsoft, and if you’re one of the lucky winners, let us know in the comments below on what freebie Microsoft has decided to bestow upon you!

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