Drones have been getting a bad rep over the past few years as every time we hear about them, we can’t help but imagine some unmanned vehicle that has been sent to kill us in the middle of the night. Drones aren’t known for saving lives, but a new one created by an Iranian researcher has built one whose main purpose is to save people.

The drone is called Pars and was developed by Tehran-based RTS Lab. Pars is a multi rotor drone that has been designed to carry and drop flotation aids for people in trouble out in the middle of the ocean. The drone was first conceptualized around a year ago, but now, Pars has become a functioning prototype that has undergone testing in the Caspian Sea.

The researchers have thought up of a number of ways Pars can be used, whether it be dropping a flotation device to a conscious swimmer who is struggling, or being used to find an unconscious swimmer and dropping something that would assist the lifeguard once they arrive on the scene. The last scenario would benefit the lifeguard the most as it’ll allow them to reach the unconscious simmer without having to carry anything, which would help them reach the swimmer much faster.

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