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Bird-inspired Drone Bends Its Wings To Move Quickly
We’ve seen several delivery drones that take different approaches to how they work.Now, a team of researchers from Stanford University’s Lentink Lab have come up with PigeonBot- a drone which can bend, extend and simply change the shape of its wings like real birds can.They also shared more details on it in their research paper.Basically, if this tech improves, it can potentially let drones to easily make tight turns and […]

Sunflower Labs Unveiled A Security Drone That Starts At $9,950
Sunflower Labs announced the world’s first fully autonomous residential security drone.Even though that sounds something cool for CES, 2020 – it may not be something that everyone can afford.The security drone starts at $9950 with more expensive options to go for. As per its announcement, the security drone is a part of its Home Awareness System.Along with the drone, you will have sensors deployed to detect motion and react accordingly. […]

You Can Now Fire Up Drones Using A Cannon
It looks like a group of intelligent people from Caltech University and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory have come up with a solution to deploy drones quickly.This can be incredibly useful when you want multiple drones airborne no matter what the reason is.The drone that we are talking about is known as SQUID (Streamlined Quick Unfolding Investigation Drone). Of course, the drone has to be something special that you can shoot […]

Matternet’s Technology Powering First FAA-Approved Drone Airline for UPS
 Last Thursday at TC Disrupt 2019, we encountered Matternet, the first drone technology that will deliver UPS packages up to 5 pounds. On October 1st, 2019, UPS subsidiary UPS Flight Forward Inc announced it has received the first full Part 135 Standard certification to operate a drone airline, using Matternet’s drones.We covered the announcement of Matternet and UPS partnership a few months back, and last week, the  U.S. government made […]