Samsung Beats Out Apple’s iPad In Customer Satisfaction Based On Pricing

JDPower203113When it comes to tablets, it used to be that Apple would be the clear choice, or at least have a brand that is more recognizable despite the fact that there are a plethora of Android tablets out there for users to choose from. However in the recent years, Android manufacturers have come up with tablets that are more powerful and also cheaper, and a recent report by J.D. Power has come to the conclusion that at least as far as the latest consumer satisfaction survey is concerned, Samsung has managed to beat out Apple when it comes to tablets, although it should be noted that the report is basing this mostly on pricing.

The report has put Samsung ahead of Apple, albeit marginally with the South Korean tech giant scoring 835 out of 1,000, versus Apple who scored 833, so as you can tell this was a very close race. J.D. Power acknowledges that as far as performance, physical design, ease of use, and tablet features are concerned, Apple has Samsung beat, but as you can see in the table above, Apple ranks pretty low in terms of cost. It is no secret that Apple typically charges a slight premium for its products and one of the ways its competitors competes with them is based on price, assuming choice of platform is not taken into account, but what do you guys think?

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