patent-samsungJust last week we heard the rumors that Samsung could be introducing a new smartphone in 2014 that would feature a wraparound display. This was particularly interesting and it would apparently use the Youm flexible display that Samsung demonstrated at CES 2013 earlier this year. While the idea of a wraparound display is an interesting one, what sort of uses might there be for such a device? Well according to a series of patents filed by Samsung, they have come up with some unique and rather clever ways to make use of said display.

While we won’t know for sure what the device would look like, the image above should give us an idea of what to expect, even if it might just be a rough one. According to the patent, it has been suggested that the wraparound display, namely the sides of the display, could be used to unlock the phone (pictured above), act as a battery charging meter, show our bookmarks when browsing, act as a clipboard where we can copy items quickly, or even a rolodex for your contacts. Like we said these are pretty clever ideas, albeit rather novel, but what do you guys think? Apart from these sorts of features, what other functionality would you like a smartphone with a wraparound display have?

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