samsung-galaxy-camera-review-38When you think about getting your hands on a camera, chances are you think of brands such as Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Olympus, and etc., but we’re not sure how many of you guys actually think of Samsung right off the bat. This is not to say that Samsung doesn’t make good cameras. In fact they have made some pretty interesting and innovative ones, such as the Samsung Galaxy Camera that was launched last year which came with Android as its operating system of choice, meaning that customers who were already familiar with the Android operating system should not have much trouble with it.

In any case if you were looking forward to more Samsung cameras, it has been reported that Samsung could be planning to launch new APS-C camera models come 2014/2015. This is according to a slide which was shown off during the recent Samsung Analyst Day presentation in which it was suggested that next-gen APS-C sensors would eventually find their way into Samsung’s mirrorless cameras. What sort of cameras might we be able to expect? It’s hard to say at this moment, but a leaked photo supposedly taken by the next-gen Galaxy Camera could be one of them.

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