test-shotI am not quite sure what the folks over at @evleaks are trying to show us here. Sure, they have had a fair number of great leaks in the past that involved press images of a selected device before they hit the market, but this one, titled “First test shot from second-generation Galaxy Camera (EK-GC200)” is a bit odd for a “camera leak”. In fact, it is a rather sad “leak” (for the Galaxy Camera), since the image quality of the shot shown is nothing to shout about. Heck, for all you know, it could be taken by any other random device without having to focus on the object.


Assuming that the above image was actually snapped using the second generation Galaxy Camera from Samsung with the model number EK-GC200 -and that’s what the EXIF data below would suggest-, it does not amount to much, right? We can’t verify that the EXIF data is genuine, but we’ll trust EVLeaks on that one. Keep in mind that this leak is obviously not about “image quality”, but about proving the existence of an unreleased device.

It would also be pretty difficult to lump this under “a picture speaks a thousand words”, as I am rather at a loss for words actually in describing just what the second generation Galaxy Camera is able to deliver. Hopefully it will come with the kind of hardware upgrades over its predecessor (which we reviewed at the end of last year) in the past one year, introducing the relevant kind of improvements that one would expect. [Google Plus Page]


Update: Apologies to Evan Blass who runs @evleaks for sounding unappreciative of his efforts. It was not my intention to disparage the leak, as I was not aware that the image was meant to convey details concerning the EXIF data which proves the existence of the second generation Galaxy Camera. We have since updated the story accordingly to reflect the leak in a more accurate nature.

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