Apple’s virtual private assistant, Siri, which was first introduced with the iPhone 4S recently got dissed on one of the oldest running shows on television, The Simpsons. Its not like Siri hasn’t received its fair share of criticism in the past on a variety of mediums, but to make it on The Simpsons, that’s really something else isn’t it? Sunday night’s episode saw a store owner trying to help out Homer Simpson by asking Siri for local hospitals, but the virtual assistant gets an entirely different idea.

Basically Homer is trying to get some shopping done at a bowling ball store called Alley McBalls, but when he reaches the store, he finds out that it has been closed. Why? Because an Apple Store is going to be opened in that exact same location. Frustrated and acting in his signature way, without thinking that is, Homer throws his bowling ball at the store. The bowling ball bounces back and hits him square in the head. A store owners sees Homer and tries to help him out by asking Siri to tell him about local hospitals, instead Siri says that it doesn’t see any “hos petals,” and that its deleting all of the contacts. The store owner frantically says that it didn’t ask Siri to do that, to which the virtual assistant calmly replies, “delete confirmed.” A short but rather humorous swing taken at Siri, certainly seems more humorous once you take a look at its video posted above.

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