Some might think it is narcissistic to make a figurine of oneself, but one the other hand it would make a great gift to your significant other, or maybe even your parents who might want to remember you in 3D-likeness if you were to go overseas for work or studies. Well if you’ve always wanted to do something like that and you have a Kinect device at home, well you can do that thanks to’s website. The website basically takes advantage of the Kinect’s 3D scanning technology to help develop a 3D figurine of yourself and will print it out in 3D.

In fact if you don’t want to scan yourself, states that users are free to scan any object that is able to maintain a pose and a facial expression, but has warned against scanning transparent, shiny, or glossy surfaces, which we reckon might give the Kinect’s scanning abilities a hard time, not to mention could mess up the final printout which could be distorted. In order to make use of their website, it requires that users have audio speakers, a USB 2.0 connection, an internet connection, a Kinect for the Xbox or Windows. As for how much it costs, the company has estimated it should cost $59 for a 7-10cm 3D printout of the scan. If you’d like to learn more, hit up its website for more details! Alternatively you can check out the video above for more details as well.

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