Amphiro A1 Self Powered Smart Water Meter Depending on your bathing habits, you might actually use up a whole lot more water in a shower than in a bathtub. Well, enter the Amphiro A1, which has been proclaimed to be the first self-powered shower monitor that will actually engage users, all in order to save an average of 23% of one’s thermal energy. This would mean the ability to actually save up to $135 each year, all without having to give up your comfort. Just where will the Amphiro A1 fit in? It happens to arrive in an innovative design component which will be integrated right in between the shower hose and the handheld shower head.

The Amphiro A1 is green enough that it does not need any kind of batteries, where it is powered by a small generator which will harvest the energy for the display and electronic components, all directly from the water flow itself. The moment water runs through the device, the display will turn itself on, and the smart shower meter starts will begin to measure the amount of water and energy consumption. The Amphiro A1’s display points to your existing water consumption, water temperature, your energy consumption and the associated energy efficiency class. Installation is a snap, taking just three fast steps without the need for any tools or prior DIY experience. Hopefully it will be a successful Indiegogo project 50 plus days from now. It does seem as though smart meters do have a place in the future of mankind.

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