everthereMoney can buy you plenty of things, but there are several other items that money cannot buy. For instance, money can buy you a house, but it can never purchase a home for you. Will money buy happiness? Not really, but it is more than capable of buying up luxury for sure. Peace of mind is another unquantifiable benefit that most of us would like to have, and this time around, money could purchase you an illusion of that thanks to AT&T’s EverThere.

Basically, the EverThere device is smart enough to detect a fall, so much so that when something like that happens, it will hook up to a trained care center in order to summon help. The AT&T EverThere is a small wearable device, identifying the location of a fall in a jiffy. It is a simple and mobile personal emergency response system (PERS), where it is a snap to setup and comes with a rechargeable battery. The device itself happens to be hands-free, where you will be able to enjoy two-way voice communication with the call center so that fast and prompt assistance will be dispatched. Other than that, EverThere also boasts of GPS location service so that first responders know just where a fall has happened. Those who are interested can pick up the AT&T EverThere for $99.99 with an 11-month contract, which will be accompanied by a monthly service charge of $29.99. Alternatively, you can pay $199.99 upfront and ditch the annual contract, while the monthly service charge of $29.99 remains, albeit sans any cancellation fee. [Press Release]

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