The FAA’s advisory board approved the use of personal electronics on flights a few months ago, which as a result have allowed airlines to relax their rules to allow its passengers to use their personal electronic devices during takeoff and landing. But what about the possibility of in-flight voice calls being made? That’s what the FCC is currently considering.

FCC commissioners are currently discussing the possibility of allowing air travelers to use their cell phones to make voice calls mid-flight as the FCC chairman says calls are relayed through a special system on planes that wouldn’t overload cell towers on the ground. Although, the backlash the organization is receiving isn’t from law makers, but instead from passengers.

A recent study shows most travelers don’t like the idea of allowing their fellow air travelers to be able to make voice calls during flights as it would force them to sit through conversations that don’t seem to end, and without any sort of relief, as they travel 35,000 feet in the air.

Passengers aren’t the only ones opposed to the change as the nation’s largest flight attendant union says allowing cell phone calls to be placed during flights could cause fights between passengers.

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