Earlier this summer, it was reported the FAA was planning to relax the personal electronics restrictions they had put into place for several years now, making it nearly impossible to listen to a portable music player or reading an ebook during takeoff or landing. It looks like the ball is starting to roll as the FAA advisory committee has just recommended that airline passengers should be allowed to use “smartphones, tablets, e-readers and other personal electronic devices” during takeoffs and landings.

The recommendation will be sent to the Federal Aviation Administration on Monday, who has the final say whether or not the restriction should be eased to allow personal electronic devices to be used during takeoffs and landings. Considering the FAA’s advisory board has just given the A-OK for passengers to use personal electronic devices during takeoffs and landings, we don’t see why they wouldn’t go with the flow and allow us to use our devices throughout the entire flight.

If all goes according to plan, airline passengers can see the personal electronics restrictions become lifted as early as 2014, that is, if the FAA chooses to go the fast route with its judgment. It could also take a year or more if airlines have to apply to have their planes approved, carrier by carrier.

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