mozilla-win8The good people over at Mozilla are currently working on the latest version of the Metro/Modern user interface port, and right now, it seems to be on track for a release later in January next year. As of now, however, the online meeting notes for the Mozilla team members do show a rather interesting screenshot – that of a new start screen user interface for Firefox for Windows 8. This mockup start screen that you see above will be able to deliver helpful hints for those who might be a wee bit confused by the new options that are made available.

For instance, the screen itself will show off any bookmarks which might be set up, in addition to the sites which are visited the most by one particular Firefox user, as well as how one is able to access tabs simply be right-clicking or by pulling them down with a finger, assuming one is running it on a touchscreen enabled device. Apart from that, the user interface team for Firefox is tipped to work on the “Windows 8 First Run experience” beginning sometime next week, which is good news. After all, starting sooner is always a whole lot better than later, right? [Press Release]

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