Let’s see – there is a MacBook Air, the iPad Air, so why not have the iPhone follow in the very same footsteps some time down the road? Who knows, Apple might just do that, but right now, we do have a couple of videos to share with you – one above as well as another right after, that will depict the possibility of what the iPhone Air as well as iPhone 6C would look like if they happened to be in existence.

The iPhone Air video hails from Set Solution, where it boasts of some rather pretty renderings that might just leave some folks pinching themselves so that they know what they are seeing is not real, and it might never even come out in the first place. After all, who can argue with a smartphone that measures all of 1.5mm thin at the top, with a 3mm thickness located at the bottom, tipping the scales at 70 grams, while boasting an edge-to-edge glass display?

As for the conceptual iPhone 6C, it will share the theme of having many different colors just like the iPhone 5c, except that there is a pronounced curve located on the display that is not too different from that of the LG G Flex, although the back would remain flat.

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