I am quite sure that many of us have heard of this complaint before, that men are unable to multitask. The folks over at LG have come up with a new short film, calling it ’So Viral It’s Scary’, where they intend to see whether men are really unable to multitask as legend has it, or is it just a misconception? This particular humorous film will also throw in a bit of advertising (that goes without saying, of course), where the all new LG IPS 21:9 UltraWide monitor is touted to be the perfect tool for multitasking. The video will obviously make use of the aforementioned monitor in addition to some rather outrageous scare tactics that will include hidden compartments, killer dogs and psycho clowns.

‘So Viral It’s Scary’ might sound familiar to some, where it happens to be the next installment in LG’s extremely successful ‘So Real It’s Scary’ viral prank series. In fact, all of the previous three films picked up over 45 million views collectively, although there is the danger of pranking consumers being stale as more and more advertisers start to adopt this particular tactic. LG did make good use of its 84″ UHD TV to depict a fake meteor crash as part of a prank in the past that did draw some attention, too.

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