xbox-one-hands-on-review-02There are countries where video games are especially prevalent, such as in South Korea where many youngsters aspire to attain pro gamer status, in which they are able to compete in overseas tournaments and make a living by playing games. However over in China, despite the country having an abundance of developers creating Chinese-based PC games, there is a ban on video game consoles, including handheld ones, that had gone into effect in 2000 as the government was worried about the effects of video games on their youth.


The ban has since been lifted but if the rumors are to be believed, Microsoft could be looking to enter the Chinese market with their Xbox platform come September 2014. The reports are claiming that Microsoft will be entering into a joint venture with BesTV, a Chinese IPTV vendor, to help create a Chinese version of its Xbox console. Of course we expect Microsoft and other companies such as Sony, to experience some hurdles when trying to enter the Chinese market.

It was a few years ago that Blizzard had to alter models in its World of Warcraft game to suit the Chinese market, and we expect those same hurdles will apply to the likes of Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and other developers who might be looking to create games for the Chinese market as well, but we suppose it has to start from somewhere, right?

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