Fans of Minecraft know you can pretty much create anything you want in the game, as long as you have the imagination for it. We’ve seen movie trailers recreated in Minecraft as well as theme park rides based off popular films, but this week, an original opera will be taking place inside the game’s world.

A total of 30 students, performers and instructors from Virginia Tech have come together to deliver an original opera set to the works of Mozart. The opera will debut inside Virginia Tech’s Cube space at the Center of the Arts, and lucky for the Internet, the performance will be live streamed for anyone and everyone to view. The decision to stream the full show was made by the show’s director, Ariana Wyatt, considering the venue can only hold around 100 people.

The opera will combine actions performed within Minecraft in addition to real-world performers comprised of Virginia Tech music majors. Singers will stand to the sides of a large 42-foot-by-26-foot screen, while the Minecraft characters will be controlled by high school students located on a table in front of the screen.

If you wish to witness the first opera within Minecraft, then you can catch the show on December 4 at 7:30 p.m. ET, or Saturday at 2 p.m. ET.

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