Natural Machines’ 3D Printed Pizza Actually Looks Edible


We don’t know about you, but we’re obsessed with 3D printed pizza. As soon as 3D printers are able to allow us to create a pizza pie as well as that machine in Back to the Future 2, we’ll gladly throw money at it. The first 3D printed pizza was shown off at SXSW Eco a few months ago from Anjan Contractor, but Natural Machines decided to show off their 3D printed pizza. PIZZA FIGHT!!!

Natural Machines is a Barcelona-based company that is working on a 3D printer specifically for food, which they call the Foodini. Their Foodini was used recently to print out the dough and sauce for a pizza, although the cheese and spices were added afterwards. We’re sure this is somehow against the rules, but adding the cheese and spices afterwards sure did make the 3D printed pizza look way more appetizing than Contractor’s creation.

Even though two of the pizza’s main ingredients didn’t come from the 3D printer, the core ingredients, the dough and the sauce, did come from the machine. Unfortunately, if we’re going to buy a machine that was able to 3D print food, we’d want all of the ingredients to be printed, not just some of them.

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