1386903712-md-13.12.12_Intermedia_1When it comes to the enterprise market, is there one particular platform that might be favored over the other? A few years the debate wouldn’t even have been there as BlackBerry would have easily reigned supreme, but with the company taking several hits as of late, confidence in the company has since been shaken, leading businesses to consider alternatives. According to a new study by Microsoft Exchange services, Intermedia, it has been found that as far as its Microsoft Exchange-based network is concerned, iOS devices account for about 76% of all small- and medium-business activations since 2013.

This suggests around 190,000 iPhone and iPads in total, compared against the likes of Android devices from Samsung and other manufacturers which accounts for about 29,000 total activations. Interestingly enough despite the infographic above showing that Windows Phone accounts for a mere 1% of the study, it has been found that the amount has actually been doubled, but was still too little to account for much, but still a good sign nonetheless for the platform which is competing against BlackBerry at the moment. Will this trend change in the future? Perhaps, but for now it looks like iOS is in the lead. What do you guys think? Are you finding the prevalence of iOS devices in your workplace?

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