When it comes to the world of mobile operating systems, you will find that having periodic updates from time to time is essential to keep up with the times, not to mention making sure that your users will remain happy. Well, it seems that Microsoft has decided to throw in a slew of features in their new Windows Phone 8 update, where the first would be the ability to make use of the memory card which will stash your apps as well as attachments, so that the internal storage will not get filled up too quickly. Apart from that, Windows Phone 8 might just see another feature that Windows 8 users have long enjoyed – the ability to flick down an app so that it will close.

Apart from that, there will also be an update that is arriving sometime next summer that will see the introduction of an integrated file manager for Windows Phone, which will most probably be part of the features found in Windows Phone 8.1. Who knows? It could also be thrown into the mix as part of a tiny GDR update. Either way, it points to Microsoft being less strict about its mobile operating system, which is a good thing according to certain quarters.

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