When your dog barks, what does it mean? For the more astute, they might realize that their dog wants to be let out for a walk, or it might mean that someone is at the door, or it could be that they’re hungry, or for those particular superstitious, could it be that our dogs are sensing something otherworldly? Jokes aside, it’s hard to tell what our dogs mean when they bark, but as we had reported earlier, a headset known as the No More Woof is hoping to translate a bark into something humans can understand. It might seem somewhat novel but the project has been met with huge success and has since managed to exceed its Indiegogo funding of $10,000 by almost $5,000 at this time of writing.

For those unfamiliar, No More Woof is a headset designed to be worn by dogs which uses an EEG hooked up to a Raspberry Pi computer and a loudspeaker to help dogs “talk” to their human owners. Initially the EEG unit is expected to be capable of picking up a few thought patterns, such as hunger, tiredness, and curiosity, and will be updated over time as the team conducts more research and is able to determine more thought patterns that could be translated into speech. There are two options available to backers: a NMW Micro that can understand 2-3 thought patterns, and a NMW Standard which will be able to distinguish more. For more information, check out the video above for the details.

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