When a Samsung Galaxy device is let loose into the world, it tends to sell exceptionally well. Well, all except for its Galaxy Gear. But regardless of that, the majority of their smartphones tend to sell really well, which apparently is the case for its latest Galaxy Note 3 as Samsung says the device is their most successful of all of their Note phablets as it sold 10 million units within 60 days of its availability. 

To compare, the Galaxy Note II took nearly twice as long to sell 10 million units, although the Galaxy Note 3’s sales still don’t beat out Samsung’s Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 took a total of 50 days to sell 10 million units, making it Samsung’s fastest-selling mobile device to date.

The Galaxy Note 3 is currently available in 58 countries, although Samsung says the phablet had a strong performance in China due to the popularity of its S Pen, as well as the two new colors that were recently launched: red and rose gold.

The Galaxy Note 3 selling 10 million units within 60 days has me wondering its Galaxy Gear isn’t able to sell just as well. I mean, considering how much Samsung attempted to tie it to the device in its marketing, you would think it would have at least sold a million units by now.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3
1920x1080 Super AMOLED
Price (approximative)
~$-1 - Amazon
13 MP
Ff/2.2 Aperture Size
Image Stabilization
168 g
3200 mAh
Removable Battery
Launched in
Snapdragon 800 + MicroSD
Storage (GB)
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