Samsung-Galaxy-Gear-23Back in September, Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which was a way for the South Korea tech giant to capitalize on the fact that smartwatches appear to be trending these days. Unfortunately despite Samsung’s best intentions, recent reports have surfaced suggesting that the Galaxy Gear’s sales are anything but stellar. According to a post by BusinessKorea, it was said that the sales of the Galaxy Gear are “far below the initial expectations” that some had expected of the device.

In fact so far since its launch back in September, the Galaxy Gear has only managed to sell a total of 50,000 units, which in all honesty seems like a drop of water in the ocean especially compared to the millions of devices Samsung has managed to move in a week, let alone a few months. Apparently the Galaxy Gear is only selling anywhere between 800-900 units a day, which given Samsung’s presence in the world, is very low. We have heard how the Galaxy Gear has had a 30% return rate by unsatisfied customers, although we’re not sure if it’s either Samsung’s product is just not up to scratch, or if the world just isn’t ready for such devices yet. What do you guys think? A combination of both, perhaps?

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