Samsung’s mobile division is a cash cow for the Korean giant, it makes some of the most popular Android smartphones and tablets on the planet. Though in 2014, the company is expected to shake things up a bit. Rumor has it that Samsung is going to focus less on high-end smartphones, and that it will move its focus towards low-end devices and tablets. The company has reportedly reduced its smartphone sales expectations for 2014, it was previously rumored that Samsung expected to sell some 360 million units. Latest rumors coming out of Korea have us believe that Samsung aims to sell 330 million smartphone units next year.

Even though this new number is lower than what was originally believed to be the company’s target for next year, it is still significantly more from the 290 million units that Samsung aim to move in 2013. It is not known if the company has achieved the target it defined for 2013, because there have been multiple reports suggesting that at least one device hasn’t sold as well as Samsung expected it to, the Galaxy S4. There have been no rumors contradicting Samsung’s decision to focus more on tablets and low-end devices. The company is said to be working on larger tablets, with screens as large as 12.2 and 13.3 inches. It is also believed that Samsung will bring back AMOLED tablets next year.

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