In just a few years, Samsung has grown so much that it has become one of the biggest smartphone vendors on the entire planet. It currently has the largest share in the global smartphone market. Just this year, in Q3 to be precise, the company moved the highest number of handsets. Things are certainly looking good for Samsung right now, but as the high-end smartphone market gets saturated, one might wonder exactly what Samsung’s future plans are. Reports coming in out of Korea suggest that instead of focusing solely on premium smartphones, such as those in its Galaxy S series, the company is expected to focus more on low end smartphones and tablets in 2014.

Samsung reportedly expects to sell “only” 360 million smartphones next year, whereas it is expected to sell as many as 290 million in 2013. Even if next year’s target seems substantial, that’s actually the smallest predicted year-on-year improvement for Samsung’s smartphone sales. So its likely to shift its focus, with reports suggesting that out of the 360 million units, only 35 percent will be accounted for by premium smartphones next year. It is also rumored to increase its focus on the tablet market, with the company apparently hoping to kick off the trend for tablets with displays larger than 12 inches. Samsung is already said to be working on a 12.2 inch tablet that its going to release early next year.

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