Telepathwords Can Tell How Flimsy Your Passcodes AreA chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and when it comes to computer security, a weak password is more often than not the main passage of entry for those with malicious intention. In fact, we have recently read about how some 2 million passwords were compromised after a Botnet infection spree. Companies have definitely been doing their bit to ensure that end users use the strongest possible password at all times, and we have also reported on how Chrome for Windows has gained additional password security. Microsoft developers might be on to something here, calling the experimental project Telepathwords, which will be able to detect just how risky your passcodes are after running a prediction of your password setting habits.

The Telepathwords engine will make use of a coterie of passwords in its database, working alongside an artificial intelligence so that it ends with the most accurate prediction possible. Microsoft claims that the prediction engine in use for Telepathwords happens to be extremely complex, stating, “To guess the next character you’ll type, we send the characters you have already typed to query our prediction engine. The prediction engine uses a database of common passwords and phrases that are too large for us send to your computer”. Who knows? We might see this “password advisor” of sorts be commonplace in the future.

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