Summer is a great time to get out there, put on your bathing suit and hit the beach for some fun in the sun! While that idea sounds appealing, unfortunately there are some nasty side-effects such as being overexposed to harm UV rays. The idea is to get a nice balance between a healthy dose of vitamin D and prevent oneself from being overexposed to said harmful UV rays. Well if you’re not sure where that line is drawn, you’re in luck because a gadget by the name of UVA+B Sunfriend has been designed to let you know when it is time for you to start seeking some shade.

Of course one could always apply sunscreen to minimize the damages from UV rays, but for those who’d rather not, the UVA+B Sunfriend is the device for you. The wristband contains UV sensors and LED lights that will light up and start flashing once the safe limit has been reached. Users will be able to set their skin tone along with their sensitivity, both of which are then taken into account when it measures for UV exposure. UVA+B Sunfriend is currently an Indiegogo project that is seeking $25,000 in funding, so if you’d like to learn more or pledge a donation, hit up its Indiegogo page for the details, or alternatively you can watch the video above.

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