youtube-copyrightIt has been said that a fair number of the hugely popular YouTube channels that have been concentrating on bringing the latest gaming development news to millions of subscribers have been hit by a bunch of copyright violation notices as recently as this week. This is not a good thing to experience, actually, as it could actually result in the closure of such popular gaming channels – permanently. According to VG247, there was this single unnamed YouTube channel which managed to generate more than 6.7 million video views each month, and this channel has been on the receiving end of copyright notices from a certain company known as IDOL, a music distribution firm.

IDOL is apparently a company that actually distributes many individual music companies, hence the reason behind them being linked to a fair number of claims. After all, YouTube must have done something that allowed the matching of copyrighted footage (game audio included) with their music library, before sending out content ID claims. IDOL has remained mum on the back of such reports, with a fair number of game publishers, including the likes of Capcom, Codemasters, Deep Silver and Ubisoft, already tweeted that the content claims do not originate from them. Will things get better down the road? Perhaps not, but time will tell.

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