Apple Patent Allows User Interface To Shift And Change Depending On User’s Motion

patentWhen running with your smartphone in your hand, sometimes it can be hard to press certain buttons or launch certain apps because the phone keeps bouncing around. Well Apple is hoping to compensate for that in a patent which seems to suggest that iOS devices will be able to adjust the screen to compensate for movement. For example one of the ways could be that music playback control buttons could be made larger when running to make them easily identifiable and easier to press. Icons could also “stabilize” themselves so that when moving, you can press them easily, ultimately giving the user the illusion that the phone is very stable.

Naturally this application will rely on Apple’s built-in sensors in their iOS devices, like the gyroscope, proximity sensor, accelerometer, and so on in order for it to work, and just like autocorrect, the phone will eventually be able to “learn” the user’s touches in order to better correct for errors. Now this is hardly considered to be a groundbreaking feature, but it is a feature of convenience that will probably be appreciated in the long run. The patent was filed for back in 2007 so there’s no telling if Apple plans on ever applying to future iOS devices, or if it was simply an idea that Apple had thought up of but never planned on making a reality. What do you guys think? Is this a feature you’d love to see in future iOS devices, or other smartphones in general?

Read more about iOS and Patent. Source: macrumors

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