glowing-plantThere are a couple of different ways one might go about illuminating their home. You can always go with the standard lights, or maybe use something a little more funky via lava lamps, or you could always turn to glow in the dark plants. Wait, what? Yup you heard that right, a company called Bioglow has announced that they will be auctioning off 20 glow in the dark plants called the Starlight Avatar. The auction is expected to begin on the 31st of January and you will probably be one of the first few in the entire world to ever own something as awesome as that! Now it should be noted that the glowing plants do not look like the one pictured above which is an artist’s rendering, and neither do they resemble what you saw in James Cameron’s Avatar (although that would be awesome).

Instead what Bioglow recommends is that they are best viewed in an extremely dark room and will probably be more pronounced once your eyes start to get used to the dark. If you’re wondering why this sounds familiar, it is because there was a Kickstarter project from last year which attempted to do what Bioglow has done, but we guess Bioglow will be beating them to the market. In fact the Kickstarter project actually cited the findings of a certain Alexander Krichevsky who actually founded Bioglow which is pretty ironic. In any case it should also be noted that these plants won’t live forever despite your best attempts, with Bioglow estimating a lifespan of about 2-3 months. Pretty cool, huh? Anyone planning on making a bid?

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