google-youtube-verifiedDo you remember the old days of a 14.4kbps modem with all the screeching that it made just to get connected to the Internet? Well, in this day and age, we have places like South Korea offering a whopping 300Mbps LTE-A connection for mobile devices, which makes short work of video streaming. Google themselves have a brand new project which was specially designed to test the quality and connection speeds of internet service providers, and this particular service is known as Google’s Video Quality Report.

Google’s Video Quality Report will first be made available in Canada, although in due time, it ought to see progression in the right direction. To make sure that the test gets off on the right footing, Google would rely on data related to how well the ISP is able to handle playing back a high definition YouTube video. The ISPs will then be graded depending on the relative performance to other providers in a given area. Should it be able to handle 90% of 720p YouTube videos, then it would be certified as “YouTube HD Verified”. This gives a far better guide in real world performance as to which ISP you should settle down with if YouTube is one particular service that you are unable to live without. [Press Release]

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