bing-translateIt seems that the folks over at Microsoft have recently introduced an update to the Bing Translator app for Windows 8, where it will now be able to support speech input, ensuring that this app has finally caught up with its Windows Phone 8 counterpart. With the updated Bing Translator app, users will be able to speak directly to their Windows devices, as well as enjoy the privilege of having their text translated. The app itself will be able to play back the words, phrase and sentences in the selected language, all the while boasting of “a native speaker’s accent.”


Apart from that, this particular update would also deliver camera support for both landscape and portrait modes, so that users are able to scan printed text regardless of the existing orientation. That is not all there is to the updated Windows app, however, as the Windows Phone app too will receive an update that will offer “better quality and responsiveness of translations” in addition to an updated interface for selecting downloaded language packs.

It must be said that Bing’s translation capabilities have expanded rather rapidly in recent years, where the service is now even powering integrated translation on both Twitter and Facebook. [Press Release]

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