1150435-crackdown2tgs3Does Microsoft have a new game that they are planning on announcing later today? Well that’s what Microsoft’s Phil Spencer announced in a tweet where he wrote, “Personally going to be a good day tomorrow, looking forward to a games announce coming early in the morning, fun part of the job.” This was echoed by Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb who wrote on his Twitter, “Looks like I’ve got a a busy morning coming up tomorrow :)” So what sort of game will Microsoft be announcing? Some have speculated that it could be the sequel to Crackdown 2, Crackdown 3, and according to Twitter user, Lifelower, evidence has been uncovered that a 60fps first-person prototype was developed by Microsoft.

The game in question was developed by Ruffian Games who was also the developer of Crackdown 2, and a recent Tweet by the company has only added fuel to the fire. According to the tweet, “Morning! Feels like a good day for announcements doesn’t it?” In any case there’s no telling what will be announced at the moment, but do check back with us in the next couple of hours to see what Microsoft and Ruffian Games might have in store for us! In the meantime how many of you guys think that this could mean that we might see a Crackdown 3?

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