Toyota_FCV-000_610x407The Toyota Prius used to be the car that customers would turn to if they wanted something a little more “green”. The Prius is a hybrid vehicle which runs on both electricity and fuel, meaning that not only is it more efficient than a regular fuel-powered vehicle, but it also does not come with the inconvenience of having to charge it like an electric vehicle. That being said, the design of the Prius has not changed much over the years and in the face of competition, perhaps it’s time that Toyota does something. Speaking to Driving at the Detroit Auto Show, Toyota executives hinted that car models like the Prius and Camry are set for a more exciting design in the future.

While the general design of the Prius is expected to retain the teardrop profile, it is the details that Toyota is said to focus on. In fact it is believed that Toyota can make design changes to the car without scaring off customers, who are said to more more loyal to the brand itself rather than the design, and will be “more likely to accept something different,” according to Kelly Blue Book’s Jack Nerad. It has also been suggested that future Prius cars could take design cues from the Toyota FCV (pictured above) which has a more sporty and daring look. In the meantime what do you guys think? Would you like to see the Toyota Prius undergo a redesign?

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