prius-phv-5Toyota intends to help accelerate the adoption of electric or hybrid cars through a tried and tested format – by slashing the price of the ride, of course. In fact, we have received word that Toyota would be introducing a $2,000 discount off the base price for the plug-in version of their extremely popular hybrid car. Just how much will it now cost? Well, we are looking at a $29,990 sticker price, in addition to a delivery fee, of course. Not only that, for those of you out there who wants to pick up the advanced version of the plug-in Prius will be able to enjoy a discount of $4,620.

This would mean that Toyota would participate with the likes of Nissan Leaf, the Chevrolet Volt, as well as Honda Fit EV on the list of automobile manufacturers who have already reduced the price of their electric cars by a few thousand dollars so that sales figures can be boosted – fingers crossed, that is. After all, such rides already come with expensive batteries, they already have a low profit margin, so to slash the market price even further does cause one to think. Toyota intends to sweeten their deal by introducing additional standard features such as heated seats, automatic climate control and the ability to ride farther along in EV mode so that you can save more on gas, which is always a good thing.

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