westoneWestone has introduced their Elite Series ES60 in-ear monitors (IEM) that are part of the Elite Series of high performance earphones which were specially designed by musicians, targeting music professionals and audiophiles in particular. What will you find in the ES60? For starters, it will boast of Westone’s legendary custom True-Fit technology, where the musician would end up with earpieces that are cast, sculpted and polished by hand from actual impressions of the individual’s ears. You cannot get any more personal than this, that is for sure! This particular level of precision and attention paid to detail out the ES60 makes it the world’s most accurate and comfortable fit and acoustic seal. As a result, the happy musician would most probably enjoy the best audio performance of any in-ear monitor on the market.

Specially handcrafted with half a dozen balanced armature drivers in each earphone as well as a multistage crossover design which ends up delivering unrivaled sonic purity, Westone’s Dual Bore technology would also pave the way for the IEM’s high and low frequency sound components to be channeled via separate passages in the sound port. Listeners would end up with a more convincing and transparent transition between frequency ranges. The Westone ES60 will retail for $1,299.99 a pop, although do bear in mind that the final sticker price depends on custom materials and configurations selected.

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