touchid-130916-1When Apple launched the iPhone 5s, it came with a unique feature called Touch ID. It was basically a way for users to unlock their smartphones and make iTunes purchases using their fingerprint. Based on our review of the phone and other reviews on the internet, the general consensus was that Touch ID was refreshingly responsive.

However in a recent report, it was suggested that Touch ID would “degrade” over time, due to the fact that the initial fingerprint data could eventually become polluted due to additional scans made over time. Well according to AppleInsider, they claim that a fix for this issue is being worked on as we speak.

This issue over degrading isn’t a big deal and can be easily fixed by reconfiguring Touch ID again. It is a little inconvenient and it is only a temporary fix as overtime the fingerprint data will eventually become polluted again, making it a not-so elegant solution.

It is unclear when Apple will be releasing this Touch ID fix as AppleInsider’s sources could not confirm if the fix will be part of the iOS 7.1 update that has been rumored for a release in March, or if it will see a release alongside iOS 8 later this year.

Given that this isn’t a bug that breaks the phone and also because not everyone is affected by this, perhaps Apple might see it as a low-priority fix, but either way we guess it will be nice if Apple were to release an update that would address this issue. Any iPhone 5s users out there who wholeheartedly agree that this needs to be fixed ASAP?

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