bing-savesWhen it comes to search engines, it goes without saying that Google is still the top dog after all these years, and the company does not look as though they are going to relinquish that crown anytime soon. In fact, Microsoft has constantly worked hard to introduce new features to Bing, where among them include the likes of TripAdvisor content when it comes to search results. More recently, some folks were on a lucky break as they managed to check out a new and upcoming feature on Bing which is known as Bing Saves.

A certain community member known as “Matthew_Thepc” on Neowin tipped off the site that certain members of the old “Bing Insiders” group received an email invitation to give Bing Saves beta a go. In a nutshell, Bing Saves can be described this way according to the tipster, “Basically it’s a way for you to click a “save” button next to each link on a Bing results page (see image) or use a bookmarklet to instantly save pages to your Microsoft Account.”

There was a particular screenshot that shows off an icon that is located to the left of a search result link that has “Save this for later.” Apart from that, what you see above depicts how each page would look like after it has been saved to the Microsoft account, sporting a Modern-style UI on the right side of the Bing page alongside specific categories. We have absolutely no idea as to when Bing Saves will be incorporated officially though.

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