eve-online-monumentIt was only recently that in the universe of EVE Online that a massive battle took place in which many, many battleships were lost. The publishers of the game announced that they would be building an in-game memorial as a tribute to all the ships that were lost, but it looks like they will not be stopping there. Instead the publishers have decided to take things one step further by actually building a real life monument which will be placed in Reykjavik, Iceland, home to the game’s publisher, CCP.


Now the good news is that if you were thinking about getting your hands on the game or reactivating your account, you should probably do so before the 1st of March. This is because players who do will get to have their names engraved on the real life monument as well, so if there was ever a reason to play a game and get immortalized, well now’s your chance! This monument is also expected to be erected fairly quickly and if everything goes according to plan, CCP expects to unveil the monument in all of its glory come April 30th and they will actually livestream the ceremony which is also expected to be attended by city dignitaries as well.

The monument is also expected to stand at around 5m tall and will be sculpted by Sigurður Guðmundsson with assistance from EVE Online art directors, Börkur Eiríksson and Ásgeir Jón Ásgeirsson. Pretty cool, huh?

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