eve onlineMMORPGs popup so frequently these days that it’s really quite hard to keep up with them. However when it comes to MMORPGs that actually has staying power, there aren’t that many in existence. There is Ultima Online which is still up and running, we also have World of Warcraft which is about 12 years old now, and we also have EVE Online which is 13 years old.

EVE Online has been pretty much a subscription-based game for its entire existence, or at least until recently where the developers have decided that in the game’s latest expansion, Ascension, they will be making EVE Online a free to play game. This means that the game itself will be free to play, meaning that they won’t have to pay for the game.

However as is the case with all free to play titles, there is a catch. In this case the catch is that there are some limitations to what players can do if they opt for free to play. For players who want the full experience, they’ll have to fork out $10 a month to upgrade their status to Omega Clone and unlock the game’s full skills and spaceships.

Hopefully with the barrier to entry now being lowered, it will help boost EVE Online’s player base. We’ve seen successful transitions before from paid to free to play, so with EVE Online’s long and storied history, it will be able to maintain existing players as well as attract new ones. In the meantime for those who are interested, hit up EVE Online’s website to sign up.

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