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CCP Announces EVE: Echoes, Coming To Mobile In 2019
If you’ve played and enjoyed EVE: Online, then you’ll be pleased to learn that CCP has announced a partnership with NetEase in which they will be launching a new mobile game called EVE: Echoes. This is not the first time that the EVE franchise has been brought to mobile, but this will be the first time that the EVE: Online experience will be recreated for mobile devices.

EVE Online To Crowdsource The Search For Exoplanets
With NASA recently announcing the discovery of 7 Earth-sized exoplanets (planets that are outside of our solar system), it is clear that there are still a ton of other planets out there in the universe that we have yet to discover. So much so that the developer of EVE Online, CCP Games, has announced that they’ll be helping to crowdsource the search for exoplanets.

After 13 Years, EVE Online Goes Free To Play
MMORPGs popup so frequently these days that it’s really quite hard to keep up with them. However when it comes to MMORPGs that actually has staying power, there aren’t that many in existence. There is Ultima Online which is still up and running, we also have World of Warcraft which is about 12 years old now, and we also have EVE Online which is 13 years old.

Play EVE Online For Free Starting This November
CCP Games today announced that it’s making a major change to EVE Online, its 13-year old PC MMO game. For the first time in the history of this game, players will be able to play EVE Online for free. The game has been tied to a subscription system ever since it was launched back in 2003 so it’s a big departure from the norm for CCP Games but it’s not […]


EVE Online Ditches Expansion Model, Gets 10 Updates Instead
With traditional video games, expansion sets are basically a way for developers to introduce new content to the game, such as new maps, new quests, new character classes, races, weapons, items, and so on. However these days such as expansions now come in the form of DLCs and it looks like EVE Online’s developer CCP will be adopting a similar model.The company has recently announced that they will no longer […]

EVE Online Publisher To Build Real-Life Monument For Its Players
It was only recently that in the universe of EVE Online that a massive battle took place in which many, many battleships were lost. The publishers of the game announced that they would be building an in-game memorial as a tribute to all the ships that were lost, but it looks like they will not be stopping there. Instead the publishers have decided to take things one step further by […]