facebook-topicIt was in January last month when Trending was introduced in order to highlight the global conversations which occur on Facebook. Well, a month after that, there is a new method for folks to check out conversations concerning topics that they are interested in. Just how does this work? From now on, whenever a Page tags a different Page, one is able to show the post to some of the people who happen to like or who like or follow the tagged Page. Take for instance, the particular post by the Bleacher Report (which you can see above) that could be paraded in News Feed to folks who happen to be fans of Dwight Howard, apart from others who have been an avid follower of the Bleacher Report.

Right now, this has happened with updates from friends already. For example, should I have a friend who tags me in a photo, my friends have the opportunity to check out this photo in their News Feed, never mind if they are not even friends with the person who tagged me in the first place. Initial testing, according to Facebook, pointed to folks liking such content appear in their News Feeds, and early surveys saw high scores being assigned to such a feature. [Press Release]

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