google-sells-motorola-to-lenovo-for-29-billion-630x472Just last week, Google confirmed that they would be selling off Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for much less than what Google had originally paid for the company. However it seems that Lenovo would not be keeping everything of Motorola as Google had announced that several of Motorola’s assets, such as Project Ara, would be transferred over to Google instead which might explain why the company was not too fussed about selling Motorola to Lenovo at a lower price than what they paid for it back in 2011. That being said, it looks like Google will also be owning a 6% stake in Lenovo to top things off.

This is according to a stock exchange filing which revealed that once the deal between Google and Lenovo is complete, Google will be walking away with not only the money that they got from the Motorola sale, but also $750 million worth of stock in Lenovo which is roughly translated into 6% of the company. Based on this, it looks like if Lenovo were to be successful with the Motorola brand, Google would continue reaping some of the benefits, albeit less than what they would had they held onto the Motorola brand. Oddly enough there are analysts out there who feel that despite Lenovo paying a fraction of what Google paid for Motorola, they still overpaid for the company and would find themselves in a difficult situation trying to turn things around.

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