kayak-iphoneThey say that an accident knows no boundaries, and these people are definitely correct in saying so. The thing is, we on our part, are able to reduce the risk of bad stuff happening in an accident. Take David McGregor for instance – he did hook up his iPhone 4 to himself while he went kayaking, wrapping the smartphone in a waterproof Optrix case. Unfortunately, when he was out at sea paddling away, his iPhone 4 did not make it and fell right into the waters there. The more amazing thing was this, the handset actually managed to remain workable (after charging up its battery, of course) despite spending 82 days under water prior to being washed up on the beach.

This is truly a testament to the waterproof Optrix case’s effectiveness. A local resident in Australia was walking by the beach, where he stumbled upon the handset and decided to play the role of being a good samaritan. What you see above happens to be a screenshot of one of the last images captured on video by the iPhone 4 before it slept with the fishes. This is certainly a case of all’s well that ends well, don’t you think so? I wonder how other smartphones would have fared in a similar position.

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